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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Computer mouse

The most common type of pointing device is the mouse. A computer mouse helps the user move the cursor or pointer around on the computer screen.

This device is shaped a little like a real mouse. In fact, the cable that connects it to the computer looks a little like tail of a real mouse.

Generally, users use the mouse to move the pointer on the screen to an object such as button, an icon or text. Then he or she press a mouse button to perform a certain action associated with that object.

The computer mouse isn’t truly useful unless it has one or more button on its back. The button is how the user clicks the mouse to select an object on the screen or perform a number of other useful graphical duties.

A mechanical mouse, which was the first type of mouse used with personal computers, has a rubber or metal ball on its underside. Electronic circuits in the mouse translate the movement of the mouse into signal the computer can process.

Most owners prefer the performance of an optical mouse because it provides more precise tracking, greater durability, less maintenance and more flexibility to use the mouse on a wide variety of surfaces without a mouse pad.
Computer mouse

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