In the emerging economy there is a new infrastructure, based on the internet, that is causing us to scrutinies most of our assumptions about the business. As a skin of networks - growing in ubiquity, robustness, bandwidth, and function - covers the skin of the planet, new models of how wealth is created are emerging.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Three dimensions of the physical matter can be defined as length, width, and depth of an object. Time represents the fourth dimension. Hyperspace is a space with more than three dimensions. The term came into use about a hundred years ago before the internet.

In the course of the following century, a number of powerful visual schemas were developed, in both science and art, to depict it.

These schemas were developed to represent the nature of four dimensional geometry and tactile-kinetic motion – both central to the distinctive time-space of twentieth-century physics and art.

Light and gravity are not similar and adhere to very different mathematical laws. Hyperspace theory simply demonstrates that light and gravity are merely vibrations in the forth dimension. In the hyperspace theory, ‘matter’ can be viewed as the vibrations that ripple through the fabric and time. Thus follows the fascinating possibility that everything can be seen around, from the trees and mountains to the stars themselves are nothing but vibrations in hyperspace.

In term of internet, hyperspace is information spaces interlinked together with hypermedia structure. Concerning World Wide Web, cyberspace is sometime used instead of hyperspace.

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