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Friday, February 12, 2016

Cyber planning

Timothy Thomas coined the term cyber planning as ‘the digital coordination of an integrated plan stretching across geographical boundaries that may or may not result in bloodshed’. Thomas’ definition in his work includes examples of both influence and execution of attack.

It was reported that internet is being used as a ‘cyber planning’ tools for terrorists. In his paper on cyber planning, he stated that ‘The internet provides terrorist with anonymity, command and control measures and a host of other measures to coordinate and integrate attack options.

To manage this, governments of the world must act decisively in developing processes and policies that prevent connected groups form operating outside the realms of the best interests of society.

Three levels of reconnaissance in most instances cyber attack planning:
*The first level involves broad, wide-reaching collection from a variety of possible sources. This can include web searches personal contact and business interaction.

*The second level of reconnaissance involves targeted collection, often involving automation to provide assistance. Network scanning is the most common functional support for this second level of reconnaissance.

*The third level involves direct access to the target. A successful hacking break-in to some system, followed by the collection of targeted data is an example.

It was noted that cyber planning may require longer lead time, greater intelligence gathering, and more target preparation that are needed for conventional attack.
Cyber planning

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