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Thursday, August 27, 2015

White hat hacker

Black hat hackers and white hat hackers use the same techniques to gain access to a computer or a network. Both types of hackers can use any technique that is readily available in order to break the system.

White hat hackers are considered the good guys. They work with the companies to improve their client’s security posture at either the system or the network level, or finding vulnerabilities and exploits that could be used by a malicious or unauthorized user. White hat hackers are certified ethical hackers. They are allowed to penetrate outer system to find out it kinks and make user that the kinks are ironed out.

White hats will use the inflation to improve the overall security architecture of the flawed system. The white hat hackers will typically present this information to the system’s owner along with recommendations on how to improve the overall effectiveness of the system’s security control.

A white hat hacker prevents black hat hackers from entering the computer system. White hat hackers employ high level computer science to evaluate and increase the security of the computer system.

Those white hat hackers are emp0loyed for large organizations have access to resources that the black hat hacker does not. This can include complex architectures using state-of-the –art protocols and devices, new technologies, and even research and development teams.
White hat hacker

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