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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Multiprocessor operating system

In multiprocessor systems, many processes may execute the kernel simultaneously. Kernel path synchronization is major challenge in designing multiprocessor operating systems.

Synchronization has a much stronger impact on performance in multiprocessor systems than on uniprocessor systems.

Shared memory architectures with multiple processors have this operating system. The operating system instances on different processors constitute a single parallel program. There are two primary models of multiprocessor-operating systems,: symmetric and asymmetric.

In a symmetric multiprocessor system, each processor executes the same copy of the operating system, takes it own decisions, and cooperated with other processor for smooth functioning of the entire system.

In asymmetric multiprocessor system, each processor is assigned a specific role; there is a designated master processor that control activities of the other subordinates processors.

One of the main reasons for using a multiprocessor system is to provide some effective reliability and graceful degradation in the even of failure.
Multiprocessor operating system
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