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Sunday, July 20, 2014

History of desktop publishing

Desktop publishing began even before the introduction of the personal computer. It started with IBM Selectric in 1961 and it ‘golf ball’ print head.

John E. Warnock and Charles M. Geschke founded Adobe Systems In in 1982.

In 1983, James Bessen from community newspaper in Philadelphia developed a desktop publishing program.

That program, Type Processor One, ran on a PC using a graphics card for a WYSIWYG display and was offered commercially by Best info in 1984.

With the arrival of the Apple Macintosh computer and ImageWriter in 1984, the world of desktop publishing began to change.

On July 15, 1985, Aldus PageMaker was released. PageMaker is a desktop publishing program developed by Aldus initially for the Apple Macintosh computer and LaserWriter printer.

It became popular program and contributed significantly to an increase in sales of the Macintosh computer.

Paul Brainerd, founder of Aldus Corporation, is credited with coining the term ‘desktop publishing’ in mid-1985 to promote the company’s new flagship product.
History of desktop publishing 

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