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Friday, April 10, 2015

Black Hat hackers

In common parlance, a hacker is a miscreant someone out to steal vandalize, or destroy computer systems. To others, a hacker is a skilled computer user whose bag of tricks is used for good not evil.

In computer security, Black Hats are those who conduct unauthorized penetration attacks against information systems.

Although the reason behind this activity ranges from curiosity to financial gain, the commonality is they do so without permission.

Black hat are illegal hackers that want to steal other people personal information.  This form of hacker writes programs to damage computer systems and networks. They wreck the system and prevent it from performing well. They will leave the system in shambles.

Because of this category of hackers, the computer security and anti-virus manufacturing have become full-time enterprises that cost businesses around the world millions of dollars in fees, as individuals are paid to developed better-protected computer networks and operating systems.
Black Hat hackers

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